Spring Session 2019


April 2nd au Juin 8th 2019 (Taxes included)
Age Time Price
Ages 12 +    
1 class 1H 130 $
2 classes 1H 260 $
3 or more classes 1H 390 $
Ages 11-    
Ages 3-4 45 Min 80 $
Ages 5-7 1H 100 $
Ages 8-12 1H 105 $

Additional information

Reduced prices are only available if payments are made within the promotional timeframe

If payments are not made within the promotional timeframe, all rebates will be cancelled

Management reserves the right to refuse access to all individuals who do not pay their registration fees within 2 late notices

Payment by installment

Payments by check accepted (can be divided into 3 equal payments according to the dates below):

First payment due at registration

All other payments are due before the 5th of each month and only by post-dated checks

Paiment by cerdit card (Additional fees may apply)

Paiment by Debit Card