Our Story

Jessica Lallitto and Pierre Bouthillier met and fell in love while touring around Europe. They decided to unite both their mutual love and their passion for dance to convey and share all their knowledge and experiences of the stage.


As children, separated by the Atlantique, they both dreamed of performing with international artists and eventually founding their own dance school. Equipped with perseverance, ambition and talent; they’ve both achieved successful careers as performing artists on the international level. Now came the time to make their second dream come true. They’ve decided to join their efforts to open the Studio de Danse Montreal-Paris.

Primarily Hip-Hop dancers, Jessy and Pierre also have solid backgrounds in ballet, jazz and contemporary. They are committed to give a unique, complete and diversified training to their students so they can be as versatile as possible (an important advantage for professional dancers). They are quite devoted to the success of their students throughout their trainings and afterwards in their respective careers.

Giving the dance company of the school the opportunity to perform on French soil. Bursaries and programs of international exchange will be available to students looking forward to perfect their training.

Is this school for you? If you are a lover of dance…. young or old.

Our Mission

To train accomplish professional dancers and support them throughout the process

Establish a dance company

Show dreams can come true

Make Exchanges


Jessica Lallitto

Jessica started to dance when she was about four years old in Belgium, at the Dance Center Barbara Maigret De Prisches. She was trained in classical, modern jazz and contemporary.

It is at the age of sixteen, that she joined a dance hip hop company called “Cosmos”, twice champion at the popular French T.V. show Graine de stars.
At 18, she moved to Paris where she perfected her training at the studio Paris Centre directed by Rick Odums.

In 2003, French singer Lorie spotted her. She became her star dancer appearing in the singer’s video clips, T.V. performances and tour. From 2004 to 2007, she performed for many famous artists including Mariah Carey (Echo Awards) and P. Diddy (performance in Marrakech) and for many other distinguished European artists such as Pokora, Amine, Tribal King, Mam, Ylona, Saïan Supa Crew, Thierry Cham, and many more. She also danced for Marty Kudelka (choreographer for Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson). During this time, Jessica was also taught dance in Paris and was invited to give performance workshops in France, Belgium, Italy, and Senegal…

Founding member, choreographer and dancer for the dance troop “Rebelion” (winner of the battle choreography Show Time), Jessica performed throughout Europe and also at the festival Juste Debout 2006 at Lille.
She also had the opportunity to make a cameo in Luc Besson’s The Dancer. In addition, she was also a fashion model for a Europeaen clothing chain, for Hip Hop catwalks and also for the Festival de la Coiffure.
Since her relocation to Montreal, she stared in dance films such as Fatal (French comedy produced by Mickael Youn/ choreographed Hakin Ghorab) and for the Quebec film Sur le Rhytme (choreographed by Nicolas Archambault et Wynn Holmes).
She is the choreographer for the band “FAMOUS”, for the singer PZK,Macklemore and also choreographed the first segment of the show of Akon.
After 12 years of teaching around the world, she is now founding with Pierre Bouthillier the Studio de danse Montreal-Paris. Opening in September 2011 in Montreal, she will primarily teach Hip Hop / Newstyle and also Stiletto who has become one of her strongest assets with her personal signature of sensuality and sexiness.

Pierre Bouthillier

Pierre grew up in Montreal’s South Shore. Early on he was discover by “Danny Dezainde” who was heavily influence by the style of Janet and Michael Jackson he was discovered by “Danny Dezainde” who was heavily influenced by the style of Janet and Michael Jackson discovered him.

At the age of eight years old, Pierre started his training in ballet, modern, jazz and tap dance at the Ballets Modernes du Quebec of “Hugo depot”.
“Hugo Depot” helped him become the publicity star for young TV shows at Radio-Canada (the French CBC) such as Watatatoww and Vas-y Molo.

During that time, he got a second role in the film La Maison sur la Lune giving the lines to established actors such as Dominique Michele, Michel Noel, Louise Latraverse, Louise Portal…

At thirteen, he joined the goupe “N.R.J.” of the school dance Louise Lapierre as singer/dancer. He had the opportunity to record two albums and hundreds of shows around Quebec performing at the Salon de la Jeunesse, Super Enfant Fete, Palais des Merveilles, at the opening of the former Montreal’s Expos amongst many others.