Target your EPK one of two ways; a) Industry – to talent buyers, club owners, managers, agents or b) your fans. An electronic press kit can be hosted on a project’s website, or accessed through an EPK service provider. EPK format preferred by top venues and festivals such as SXSW and A3C. 8 Must-Have Things For Your Band EPK And Where To Put Them ... Sending people to a link on your website instead of Dropbox also has the added advantage of driving traffic numbers up for your website. Put the time and money you would for an EPK into a nicely designed website. Provide all your relevant information in a way that’s scannable and easy to read.

Get discovered by over 20,000 industry professionals. Concise, highly targeted information, stylishly delivered in a cost-effective fashion to assist you in promoting a show, getting more gigs, landing a placement in television & film licensing and in securing representation. An EPK (or Electronic Press Kit) is a must-have for any musician looking to land gigs. I use WIX and love it. An electronic press kit is a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. How to Create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) That Gets Noticed. Don’t make it hard on them. You should send your EPK to whoever you want to promote your music. … Search Hundreds of Gigs; Find Bands in Your Area; Get … Updating and organizing your press kit should only take a few moments.
Which, they should expect if it’s a Sonicbids event. Also, if you have a “Video” tab on your website, it’s easier for someone to find your music videos if they are already right there on your website looking at your EPK. An electronic press kit is a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. Sign in. Welcome to the complete guide on how to create a successful EPK! However, sending a Sonicbids EPK outside of Sonicbids, isn’t always design friendly.

This will most likely be journalists at music review publications. So, be sure to give your streaming link in a pitch, while also including your EPK link. If up until now you weren’t totally clear on what people meant when they name-dropped this essential tool – we’ve got your back.

Search for gigs in your area or for tour dates.

It’s best to start with smaller blogs and work your way up rather than start with the biggest sites out there. What they tend to prefer (speaking as someone who has been on both sides) are clear and concise submissions.
In the music industry, physical press kits have almost completely been replaced by the electronic press kit.